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Debatable Issue

Research Project
During the next several lessons you will plan and write a research project on a topic of your choice. The paper will be 34 pages long plus a works cited page.
The topic for your research project should be a debatable issuean issue on which there are at least two sides. The topic should be appropriate for class. Consider using one of the topics suggested in your notebook document. To begin, make a claim that states your position on your chosen topic. Support your position with solid evidence based on research. Follow these guidelines in structuring your paper:
Include an introduction that presents the topic and states the claim clearly and precisely.
Include body paragraphs that
Provide evidence that supports your thesis.
Synthesize information from at least three different sources.
Establish clear relationships among claims, counterclaims, reasons, and evidence.
Contain correctly formatted in-text citations.
Include a conclusion that
Restates your claim
Summarizes your major points.
Closes by leaving the reader with a new understanding or a call to action.
Includes a works cited page that
Using MLA format, correctly documents all sources
Supplies full source information for the in-text citations
Use formal language and an objective tone.
Follow the conventions for grammar and usage.
Your teacher will score your assignment using the Research Project Grading Rubric. Look at the rubric yourself so that you know how your assignment will be scored.
You will begin your project today. Follow the steps to complete the assignment. You will turn in your work as a Teacher-Graded Assignment.
Choose your research topic and develop a research question. Consult the notebook document for details.
Conducting Research
Gather information on your topic by searching for online and print sources. Organize your sources and your notes. Create an outline for your paper. As you work, evaluate your research process for criteria such as the relevance of your evidence and the effectiveness of your organizational plan.
Write the first draft of your research paper using the document provided in the Graded Assessment. Remember to save often. Use your outline as a guide. Keep your audience in mind, considering their values, beliefs, and concerns. State your claim clearly at the beginning. Synthesize your research by making connections among your source information, claims, and counterclaims. Make sure you provide specific reasons for your position and sufficient, credible, and relevant evidence to support your reasons. Anticipate counterclaims and formulate replies to them. Use transitions and organization to establish the relationships among your ideas and between ideas and evidence. Include in-text citations and a works cited page.
When youve finished the draft, you will share it with one or more readers to receive feedback for revision.
Revising and Proofreading
Revise your first draft. Review the feedback you received, and decide which comments you agree with so that you can revise accordingly. After revising, use the Revision Checklist to make sure you have done the best revision you can.

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