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Explain briefly how a silly-sounding expletive zounds is actually a pretty serious instance of cursing.

Week Eight Exercise on Early Greek Philosophers, Chaucers Pardoners Prologue and Pardoners Tale, and Montaignes Essay Of Cannibals
Score: /40
1. All of your answers must come from your readings in the text and lecture for Week Eight on the early Greek Philosophers, Chaucers Pardoners Prologue, Chaucers Pardoners Tale and Michel de Montaignes Of Cannibals, plus the course glossary, texts and introductions for those works in your anthology. Chaucers Pardoners Tale and Pardoners Prologue are two separate works, so be careful to use the correct one in your answers. Answers from outside the lecture and reading assignments for Week Eight or Glossary will not count.
2. When I ask you to quote a passage as your answer, be sure to do so with properly formatted and accurate quotation and parenthetical reference.
3. Errors in documentation and title form will count one-half point for each instance. Other significant errors in mechanics or imprecision will count from one-quarter to one-half for each instance, depending on severity.
4. You may go to the internet to guide you to your answer in the lecture, reading assignments, and course glossary, but I recommend that you look carefully at the lecture before turning to online searches. You may not get the full or most accurate answer online.
5. It is in your best interest to answer the questions as concisely as possible. Answering more than is needed may lead you into inadvertent errors or leave me with the impression that you dont understand fully what I need from you. In either case, youll lose some or possibly all credit.
6. The questions in the main part count two points each; the bonus questions count one point each.
7. Place your answers in the separately attached answer sheet and turn in by uploading it in the Canvas Assignments portal. A five-point penalty will be applied for every hour or part of an hour that the assignment is late. It would help me if you would put your last name first at the beginning of your file name.
Two Points Each
1. Cite the single line (quote and give a parenthetical reference) that alludes to the Black Death.
2. Which of the ancient Greek philosophers was born first?
3. Explain briefly how a silly-sounding expletive zounds is actually a pretty serious instance of cursing.
4. Quote in English (no parenthetical reference needed) the main biblical text on which the Pardoner preaches.
5. Which one of the ancient Greek philosophers works was in poetry, although translated into modern English?
6. How did the youngest debaucher kill his companions if he was aleady dead?
7. In what work do you find a burlesque of the Last Supper?
8. Who persuades the Host and Pardoner to kiss and make up?
9. What briefly are the two different meanings of the word humanism?
10. Who talks too much when hes drunk?
11. In what modern-day country or continent did the cannibals live that Montaigne writes about?
12. Explain briefly who St. Helen (died circa 328 C.E.) was and provide a parenthetical reference for where she appeared in your reading.
13. In which work did you run across a reference to a famous battle between Spartans and Persians at a peninsula in Greece called Thermopylae?
14. What would an ancient Greek say was missing from the name of the 1970s funk band Earth, Wind and Fire?
15. Which of your readings treat, lets call it, a laundry problem with someones underwear?
16. About what time of the day was prime time in the fourteenth century?
17. With what writer did you encounter Clement of Alexandria?
18. What writer uses Flemish characters?
19. Whose poetic work do you find in the Ellesmere manuscript?
20. Who was awakened with music and taught Latin as his mother tongue when he was a child?
One Point Each
Bonus 1. What work did you read that demonstrates best the medieval grotesque?
Bonus 2. What work did you read that is an exemplum?
Bonus 3. Which of the following best describes Montaignes attitude towards his fellow Europeans: A. that they are more barbarous than cannibals, B. that they are equally barbarous as cannibals, or C. that they are less barbarous than cannibals?
Bonus 4. Who is Elde?
Bonus 5. For which of the writers that you read was the St. Bartholomews Day Massacre an important event?
Bonus 6. Who must forever tarry?

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