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News story, News feature and Analysis

This paper contains two parts.
part A1500 words ( 2 x 400 news stories + 1 x 700 feature)
You are required to prepare a folio of news and/or feature articles using real or hypothetical examples. You should write 2 x 750 word news articles in Part A. Choice of real or hypothetical example is individual. Each news story article must have a different topic. And each story must be sufficiently different to require separate research. Importantly you need to indicate who you are writing for because that dictates style and appropriateness of topic and the angle you use.
1. Your news and feature writing portfolio is 1500 words in total and you can write 2 x 400 news stories + 1 x 700 feature. PLEASE NOTE: Each article must have a DIFFERENT topic.
2. You will have developed story ideas but each one must be distinct from the other (eg: Changes to Student loans, Launching a New Suite of Cultural Tourism Adventures; Life After Ballet and Why we Love our FurBabies). However, this does not preclude the stories from being related by topic. So for example my topic can be sharks and I can write a story about:
a. The impact of shark attacks on WA Tourism (and the decline in figures).
b. The effectiveness of Shark Culling (and what else do we cull?)
c. Surfing Communities Responses to Shark Attacks; and
d. 10 Tips to Safe Surfing.
3. The assessment also calls for a minimum of two “real interviews” (in which the student is required to conduct a phone, email or f2f interview with two live subjects) and “real research” (in which the student is to undertake research of real topics, issues etc).So to clarify in this context the term “hypothetical” refers to a hybrid form of writing in which you use real issues and real research BUT you can supplement the story with imagined angles, actions and quotes.

Part B
ANALYSIS The piece must be accompanied by a 500 word analysis describing why the communication forms were chosen, who were the intended target audience, in what sort of publication (e.g., internal magazine, community newspaper, mass-circulation daily, online newspaper, etc.) they would best be placed, the process and development procedures used to organise and develop the information, and how the development of the pieces in the folio comprise an example or set of examples of contemporary journalism practices, include references.

1. Describe the material briefly
2. Why are each of these items the most appropriate format for communicating the material (that is, justify why the article types and topics were chosen)
3. Target audience and/or target publications: tell the examiner something about the target audiences and/or publications for the items in your foliowhat is the link between the format, the process of development and the target audience
4. Process and Procedures: tell the examiner something about the process you have undertaken to develop the material in your folio. What sort of research and interviewing and other background activities were undertaken and why. How did they contribute to the outcome?
5. Finally, sum up or conclude by discussing how the material in your folio represents contemporary professional journalistic writing, how it relates to contemporary professional media practices, and why it is important these types of writing/communication forms and the processes behind them are understood by media professionals today.

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