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Plants used in early medicine

TOPIC 1 – In this course, we are covering many ways in which humans have used plants and plant products throughout history. In this essay, pick a topic on how plants have influenced society at some point in history. Here are some example topics- the tulip trade, Irish potato famine, European coffee houses, plants used in early medicine, the opium trade. This topic is pretty wide open, but focus your topic on periods before contemporary history (pre-1945).
TOPIC 2 – Chapter 11 discusses how humans have used plants throughout history, moving from hunting and gathering to more agriculture-based societies. The chapter also discusses in detail several of the early sites of agriculture. For this essay, please choose an early society and discuss how they used plants.
In order to get all of the points for this assignment, your essay must be formatted correctly. Your essay should be a minimum of 3 pages double-spaced using 12 pt Times New Roman font and 1″ page margins. Include a cover page with your name and title of your essay. The 3 page minimum DOES NOT include this cover page. If you have questions about formatting please let me know.
Finally, you will need to have at least three sources cited in your essay. One can be your textbook. For your other two sources, you must use a book and/or a peer-reviewed scientific journal article. Most likely, you will have to visit a library to complete this assignment. Galileo can be accessed to find peer reviewed articles. You will not receive credit for citing Wikipedia articles and other random websites.
You will need to include a WORKS CITED page (also known as a bibliography). This will need to be a separate page from the body of your essay. Also, cite the source in the text. You do this after writing the information taken from the source (not a direct quote, but your own words) using parentheses at the end of the sentence: (Author last name, date). Heres an example:
Large-flowered trillium reproduction is impacted negatively by deer (Knight, 2003).
Here are examples of how to cite multiple authors:
(Simpson and Parrish, 2005) for two authors
(Lambert et al. 2006) for more than two authors
Remember, don’t quote or use quotation marks. Use your own words. Do not plagiarize. That will result in zero points for this assignment.

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